About trying the sim…

Hi there!

Just a few words for those who may be wondering if / when it will be possible to have a go at the game.

At the moment the release is planned for late 2021 but a truly honest estimation for this is “when it’s ready”.

So in the meantime if you are really interested feel free to reply to this post or use the contact form to present yourself and what you expect from ASG. I’m not asking for your resume of course, typically a list of the space and flight simulations you’ve played will help me understand your profile. (Anyway don’t forget to use a valid e-mail address and I’ll reply directly*).
That said please be aware that in its present state the game is far from feature-complete. Currently the ship is able to navigate between stations “from docking port to docking port”, and with the support of electronic checklists during the whole flight.

Thank you for your interest in the project anyway!

* if you have not received a reply after a couple of days please check your spam box for messages from alliancespaceguard.com

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  1. Skully

    Hi David,

    I came across the Alliance Space Guard entry just recently. I was looking for something more akin to Rogue Systems which has sadly come to halt.

    Watching your videos I see already a very slick simulation. Both the navigation computer and ship system controls look great. With the ship floating at the side it looks as if you are in a virtual control room. A novel and nice thing.

    As for other games in the (simulation or space) genre I like and play:
    – Celestial Command
    – Children of a Dead Earth
    – Elite Dangerous
    – Flight Simulator X
    – Hellion
    – Kerbal Space Program
    – Orbiter
    – Pulsar Lost Colony
    – Rogue Systems
    – Rules of Engagement 2
    – Space Engineers
    – Star Sector
    – VTOL VR
    – X-Plane 10
    – X series
    – Zusi 3

    I have also participated in beta testing on Trainz & Naval Action.

    Personally I would like to see a simulation that is as close to realistic as possible. With a slow pace in which to plan out moves, followed by the short frantic encounters as ships either whiz by or converge.

    Anyway, I hope you can realize your vision as soon as possible and bring it to fruition. So far it’s looking grand and I enjoy watching your videos.



  2. Shango

    Hi There, I was also looking to the release of Rogue System that came to such a sad end.
    I am addicted to flight and space simulation. The games I played more are:
    Digital Combat Simulator
    Orbiter (2006,2010,2016)
    Elite Dangerous
    Kerbal Space program (what a little gem!)
    Flight Simulator (all of them until the end in flight simulator X)
    Objects in Space
    Space Engineers
    X Series
    Children of a dead earth.

    I would like to have a realictic and true simulation. I hope to have a sandbox never ending game or if there´s any kind of campaign or history to be able to have a mission editor to create my own scenarios. Best of luck for you looking forward to this release.

  3. Alexey

    I would like to try your game. Please send me a link to download your wonderful game.

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