Welcome to the Space Guard!

ASG is a sandbox space simulation game with a focus on physics and systems.

You will take command of a CSN F9 “Carbon Arrow” class frigate, one of the best pieces of astronautical engineering Alliance taxpayer money can offer.
As a newly appointed captain of the Space Guard your missions will include:

  • Orbital space and shipping lanes safety (aid to navigation, rescue…)
  • Support to various Gov and Non Gov Organizations (scientific, medical…)
  • Law enforcement (often in liaison with SG non-flying personnel)

More information below and in the Universe pages.

Detailed systems simulation

The CSN F9 is a powerful thermonuclear rocket that is built from hundreds of different components. All are interconnected and simulated based on a dedicated model with individual wear and tear and failure modes.

As a captain you will be managing those systems with the help of the automated on-board controllers. In order to maintain a high operational reliability you’ll schedule maintenance events as you see fit. In deep space the high redundancy level of the CSN F9 equipment will let you deal with any situation.

As you progress in your career you’ll be able to upgrade your ship with better components and gain access to “less civilized” parts of the galaxy…

Orbital mechanics and hyperspace

In ASG’s universe jump drives can make use of specific local space time configurations to enable instantaneous point-to-point travel over interplanetary and interstellar distances. However jump points when they exist have specific motions relative to their parent celestial body. As a result reaching them requires some very accurate orbital maneuvering. Also momentum is conserved at all times which often leads to large relative velocities at jump exit points: a problem that only your fusion rocket engine and orbital mechanics can deal with!

To manage the complexity of the navigation the CSN F9 avionics feature an advanced flight planning suite. It notably includes an automatic router that can be configured according to your time constraints and ship performance.

Flight Control

Space flight involves 6 degrees of freedom without any damping (no atmospheric drag) which makes manual piloting extremely difficult.

In order to let you focus on your mission goals the CSN F9 provides multiple layered autopilots to accurately control the ship’s attitude and thrust under all circumstances. They automatically adapt to the ship’s dynamics parameters and your chosen thrusters configurations (main engine and maneuvering arrays).

During burns the ship is placed under the authority of the flight guidance system. This predictive autopilot will constantly adjust its commands to minimize the position and velocity errors with respect to the planned trajectory.

Development status

The work on ASG started in 2014. The ability to plan and fly from “station to station” was achieved in 2019. The first half of 2020 brought interactive checklists, “route planning” at the galactic level and the first milestones in building the game world. The NPC traffic is the current primary objective.

The game will be made available on the usual online stores when it’s ready for release! You can stay tuned for the development updates thanks to the blog or the newsletter.

OS and hardware requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10, 64 bit, DirectX 11
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Quad core CPU (the more the better: flight planning is computationally heavy)
  • GTX 660 Ti or Radeon 7870, 2 GB VRAM

If you want more information about the game mechanics you can hop to the Universe section.