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Dev Log 2024/05: Game Layer framework

The game’s development is now focusing on the game layer. The first related devlog video presents an overview of the career elements.

As mentioned in the video the next step is to work on the missions themselves, both their implementation and a dynamic in-game generator. The goal is to build these systems so they can be later used in conjunction with an external mission builder for more elaborated and scripted ones.

Obviously the first iteration will only feature very simple ferry trips, and then the plan is to add new types of operations in relation with new added features along the way. The first installment should be patrols when the ship is fitted with its sensors and a proper fog of war is reinstated.

Safe stars!

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  1. Vincent Majerowicz

    Hi, David! I am looking forward to trying out the ASG.

    1. David

      Hello Vincent, thanks for your support! As you can see the work on the game layer has finally started, and I’ll start looking into alpha / beta testing when there is enough gameplay in place. So still a lot of work ahead but at least we’re getting there 👨‍🔧

  2. Danielthedaniel

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating this for months! It’s good to see the game elements taking shape, especially with the unique approach you took to progression. You also mentioned sensors, what types of sensors (thermal, electromagnetic, etc) can we expect?

    1. David

      Yes the IR bandwidth should have a prominent role, one that matches the thermal management issues in the ships actually! I’m also expecting that the radio bands will be of use too given the parasitic emissions from the very powerful magnetic devices in the fusion power plants (ESM). Anyway I’m planning to spend quite some time on the ship’s sensors as they should play a fundamental role in the gameplay. I’m expecting them to require as much attention as the piloting itself hopefully.

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