Electronic Checklists
Electronic Checklists

Electronic Checklists

Detailed ship systems and the intrinsic complexity of orbital mechanics require a control interface that may be difficult to get into. And so to help new captains take command of their ship and seasoned ones not forget about important steps, the ship is now fitted with electronic checklists.


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Relaying Florian Reifschneider's #StayTheFuckHome manifesto (covid-19). Of course many of us can't do anything about their job but at least let's make an effort in our free time. The transmission…

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Station to Station Flight Planning

Automatic Flight Planner

Before starting the work on the in-game check-lists I wanted to complete the missing features in the flight planner. So it is now possible to start a plan from any location at any time and also to store and recall solutions.


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Approach and Docking


The stations are now fully operational and trips can be flown from port to port, with the support of new flight planning routines and avionics modes. And at last I could remove a quick and dirty trick dating back from 2016: it’s not possible to refuel in deep space anymore!


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Radio Communications

Radio control panel

The main development goal for this year (2019) is to have fully operational space stations to dock to. Yet after the work on the collision physics an issue quickly appeared about the docking ports: where should the related information be stored and how to pass it to the ship’s flight controller?

On a monday morning in July I decided not to duplicate the data and have the stations broadcast the necessary information through a radio link: should have been a 3 hour quick-and-dirty hack… But as it turned out it actually became a 3 month implementation of a full new game system! 😀


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