Why no Early Access

The question has popped up a few times now and I understand that the slow development process might feel frustrating.

However there are several reasons why an Early Access is not planned for ASG at the moment. To begin with EA is a lot of pressure, management effort and legal responsibilities. All of this is part of game development of course, but in this project’s particular circumstances, engaging into that path too early would essentially divert limited resources from actual coding. Secondly the overall objective is to build a space game, not a pure simulator and so a public release in the current state would certainly be confusing.

The same pragmatic approach goes with the testing team: the best size is large enough to significantly improve the program’s quality (bug hunting, UX streamlining etc…), but also small enough that it is actually more of a community of online friends that basically manages itself.

And so in order to hopefully help do with these constraints I’m trying to provide regular updates so everyone can monitor the project’s advancement, in this blog and through the newsletter.

Thanks again for your interest in the game and your understanding!

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  1. Tobias C

    Crowdfunding/kickstart might be a good middle road *wink wink* nudge, nudge.
    Or simply releasing a tech demo. But I understand your reluctance and you are most likely making the correct decision…..BUT I WANT SHINY TOYS NOW XD

    Keep up the geat work and keep those vids comin’ 🙂

    1. David

      Will do! Thanks for your understanding 🙂

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