Routes, Flights and Current Position

The CSN-F9’s typical ΔV budget is about 100 km/s. Jumps offer instantaneous travels of hundreds of light-years. However they conserve momentum and require some significant maneuvering. As a result long-distance journeys across the galaxy must be split into smaller trips between refueling stops.

In this context the total journey is called a (galactic) Route, and it is split into a sequence of Flights.

The ship’s nav station provides all the necessary tools to plan both routes and flights.

Flight Planner

Its role is to compute the maneuvers, jumps and the resulting trajectory that lead the ship from its departure to its intended destination.

Route Planner

Operates on the galactic map and proposes sequences of flights and refueling stops for long-distance journeys.

However navigation also technically refers to the action of determining the ship’s current position:

Navigation Signal

The ship's location information as processed from the various positioning sensors and the inertial navigation units.