Multi-role Assistance System

The CSN F9’s integrated Electronic Checklists System supports the crew during the whole flight:

  • Systems Configuration
  • Flight Sequencing
  • Flight Planning
  • Equipment Operation

The system relies on interactive dialogs displaying a sequence of items for the task at hand, and with associated audio callouts when relevant.

Electronic Checklists

For convenience the different checklists are grouped into main categories:

  • Flight Sequence:
    Systems and flight controls configuration for all phases of a flight (ex: departure, before and after maneuver…)
  • Flight Planning:
    Help and workflows related to the flight planning routines and tools.
  • Systems:
    Ship systems configuration sequences (ex: cold start,)
  • Reactor:
    Tasks specifically related to the fusion reactor (start, partial per section power down and up)
  • Cryo-Fluids:
    Tasks specifically related to the ship’s cryogenic fluids system.
  • Sensors:
    Configuration of the ship’s sensors and communication systems.

Pass / Fail Tests

Most items are associated with a logic test, evaluating to “true” or “false” based either on:

  • a user input,
  • the ship’s state as reported by the controllers = “sensed item“.

Checklists are marked “complete” when all their items pass. A checklist can refer to a child nested one.

User-Interface Help

Whenever relevant, a footnote provides contextual information on the item at the cursor location. If the item relates to a specific UI control clicking [🔎] will highlight the latter, and a double-click will center the view accordingly (across ship stations if necessary).

The following video demonstrates the use of the checklists system:

The application used to create the standard set of checklists is available in the ./Data subfolder. The checklists themselves are stored in the “Checklists.xml” file. Make a backup copy before adding new entries or modifying the default set!