Dev log: introducing space stations

A large space station on an ice giant’s inner ring

Space stations are the natural first step to populate the galaxy and so during the past months I’ve been working on a dedicated procedural generator.

More than variability the intent was to be able to easily build structures of various sizes, with large stations to be placed along the main shipping lanes and smaller ones signalling more remote areas.
Different types are planned (transport hubs, military bases, science outposts…) but the most immediate need was for a refueling network to continue the work on the ship’s avionics and systems.

Incidentally after some basic ΔV computations I came to the conclusion that the best solution was to put these stations directly on the rings themselves. The rationale for this is presented in more details here, but basically having to move large amounts of mass in orbit is never a good idea.

The video below displays a test station manually instantiated in the game and some direct development outputs from the generator itself.

From now on I’ll be working on the docking logic and the related ship avionics.

Thanks for reading!

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    hello mon neveu, tu as construit un joli parc immobilier, bravo!

    1. David

      Merci mon Tonton 😉

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