Station to Station Flight Planning

Automatic Flight Planner

Before starting the work on the in-game check-lists I wanted to complete the missing features in the flight planner. So it is now possible to start a plan from any location at any time and also to store and recall solutions.

The first item is based on the “Parking Orbit Editor” tool which now features an “Orbit as Departure” tab defining the flight’s initial conditions. This enables the preparation of a detailed plan while still docked and that won’t need further updating at the execution phase (so starting with a “precision departure”).
But more importantly this is absolutely necessary for the analysis of return trips, typically to figure the answer to a vital question: “if we go there can we make it back and what is our ΔV budget at the location?”

The Store / Recall function is obviously very helpful to try adjustments and compare solutions. The UI is quite crude at the moment but it will be easy to upgrade it if needed.

The following video demonstrates the new features as part of a full “station to station” planning run.

Fly safe!

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